4 Pore Minimising Tips

“I hate my pores!” screamed almost every one I know personally or everyone all over the internet. Pores are more visible in areas that secrete more sebum such as the forehead and the nose. People with naturally darker skin types typically have larger pores compared to those with lighter skin, and those with dry skin tend to have smaller pores as they don’t produce much oil on their faces.

Even though the size of our pores are predetermined, factors such as trapped oil and debris, over sun exposure and the build-up of dead skin cells can make the pores appear larger too. If you are dealing with large pores, here are 4 tips to shrink them:

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Power packed with vitamins, organic acids, minerals and gentle alpha hydroxy acids to enhance skin regeneration, Chái Pure Gold Aquashine smoothens the appearance of pores and replenish moisture for stronger and healthier complexion. In just two weeks, your skin will transform look smoother, healthier, and tighter.

Chai Pure Gold

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Formulated to stop blackheads at bay while healing acne and balance oil secretion, SW1 Flawless clears clogged pores thoroughly to spring clean your troubled skin. “This gel stimulates your cells to regenerate faster for smoother and younger looking skin texture,” says Dr Low Chai Ling, founder of SW1 Clinic. Ideal for oily, combination and those who are concerned about their large pores.


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Quattro Toning laser energy penetrates deep into the skin without affecting the top layer of epidermis to restore youth and radiance to your skin from within. This perfect lunchtime facelift with zero downtime helps to smoothen wrinkles and uneven texture of the skin while minimising large visible pores. “Completed in just 15 minutes, you’ll return to your office with slight blushing on your face,” says Dr Low.


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Utilising microinjections of Botox to boost the appearance of wrinkly and saggy skin, Micro-refine shrinks sweat glands and sebaceous glands and result in smooth, soft skin without affecting any vital facial muscles. “Your pores will appear smaller, skin becomes less oily overall and you’ll look more radiant than ever,” says Dr Low “Your visage is also visibly more “lifted” and tighter.”


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