5 Beauty Regrets to Learn From Real Women

Yup, we always wish we knew what to expect in the future. If you still in your 20s or early 30s, read on to learn from women who wish they knew what to do to keep them youthful as long as possible.

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#1 Foregoing eye cream in your 20s

eye cream

“I regretted not applying eye cream since my early 20s as I thought I was still at least a decade away from fine lines and crow feet,” says Madeline, mother of 2. “My crow’s feet appeared after I gave birth to my second child at 32. I should have listened to my elder sister who started applying eye cream in her early 20s. She barely has any fine lines under her eyes even at 34 .”

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“The skin around our eyes is the thinnest and most delicate as compared to the other parts of the face,” says Dr Low Chai Ling, founder of SW1 Clinic. “Thus it is usually the first area to show signs of ageing.” Other than feeling ancient about your dark circles and crow’s feet, you should add this extra step of applying eye cream to your eyes every day and night beauty routine as early in your 20s. It is also not too late to start now.

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Load on Chai Liquid Gold Eye Illuminating Serum to wrinkly, tired looking eyes. This powerful liquid gold is infused with eye-refreshing and brightening ingredients such as argireline and gold particles to ensure faster penetration. Your eyes will gain back the lost glow with diligent use as this product promotes healthy cell renewal for younger, energised looking eyes.

chai liquid gold


Skipping sunscreen on the neck


To be honest, how many of you apply sunblock onto your face without fail every single day. The percentage of people not applying sunblock on the neck is definitely even higher. You know the saying, “There are no ugly women, but only lazy ones.” This is so true. There is no shortcut to staying youthful and beautiful without being diligent in your skincare routine as well as proper protection from the sun.

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“One of my beauty regrets is applying sunscreen only on my face,” says Lorraine,45 years old Business Development Manager. “I may look youthful for my age but my neck gives my real age away.”

If you hate applying sunblock because of its thick oily texture, consider SW1 Umbrella which is a lightweight yet powerful sunscreen that is sweat-proof and waterproof to keep your neck (and face) looking fresh and protected.

sw1 umbrella


Treating acne in your own way


We have all been there, done that— popping and picking at those annoying pimples in the hope of getting rid of them when we were growing up. “People tend to over-examine their pimples very closely several times a day, ” says Dr Michelle Lim, Aesthetic Consultant from SW1 Clinic.”Popping or picking pimples prolongs healing time and may lead to infection such as swelling and redness, as well as the risk of acne scars.”

Pimple Er is a three-step pimple fast-fix to keep an infection at bay while also injecting active ingredients to calm and heal swelling. For those who are prone to breakout, it is important to use skincare products that are suitable for your skin type for prevention.

Opt for Clear Blue, a trademark 5-step cell clarifying facial from SW1 Clinic to maintain a clear complexion that is free from unexpected spots. This acne-fighting facial includes Deep Sonic Cleanse to melt away dead skin cells and dirt clogging up the pores, I-Clear blue light therapy fights bacterials and reduce pores size. Your complexion will feel amazingly smooth and absolutely clean with the help of a soothing collagen acne mask.

Not committing to a hair restoration program after pregnancy


“I regretted not visiting a hair expert after giving birth to my son,” says Gennie, 28-year-old nurse. “My thinning hair makes me feel and look older than my husband who is my age. I wish I can turn back time. “
“”Women will experience increased hair loss in the first few months post-delivery due to hormonal changes during pregnancy,” says Dr Chua Han Boon, Aesthetic Consultant from SW1 Clinic. “As they age, women’s hair also tends to thin in a more generalised pattern, as the hair follicles decrease significantly due the ageing process.”
If you don’t want to be one of the women who can be heard grumbling about serious hair loss after pregnancy, SW1’s Keramax Scalp Program consists of 12 sessions of Revitascalp treatments to infused vital essential vitamins for hair growth together with 12 sessions of Revage 670 laser to improve blood circulation of the scalp for fuller hair.

Overplucking the eyebrows


“One thing I regretted was to over-pluck my eyebrows in my 20s – 30s to chase after the eyebrow trends,” says Wendy Mille, a 40-year-old old makeup artiste, “I thought I will be happy about drawing and filling in my brow every day for the rest of my life. Boy, I was so wrong.”
Shaving and plucking all your eyebrow sounds like a great idea if you’re a beauty guru or fashionista, but we reckon that you will regret it when you barely have any eyebrow left when you are older. True enough, there are many makeup techniques, eyebrow embroidery or eyebrow transplant to fix your eyebrow up. But, are they worth the time, risk and money?
As a matter of fact, the main function of your eyebrows is to prevent sweat, water, and other debris from making their way to your eyes. This feature on your face is also essential for human communication and facial expression.

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