Why More Women Are Removing Their Facial Hair

When it comes to female facial hair, there are women like Harnaam Kaur who wear their fuzz with pride and confidence, but there are others who swear by removing facial hair.

Most women detest the extra mini hair along their upper lip that make them look and feel like a man, as well as the sprouts between the brows that give a hint of unkempt look.

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We put together some of the reasons and benefits of facial hair removal given to us by real women.

Skin Looks More Radiant

radiant skin

In addition to removing those baby hairs, shaving also helps skincare products to penetrate into your skin better. Without the blockage of the hairy bits, you create a smoother base for your products, and they will find it easier to make their way into your skin. This allows the products to be absorbed more readily by the skin. Thus, the condition of your complexion is improved obviously.

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Shaving Acts like an Exfoliator 


It may not be widely known but in addition to removing facial fuzz, shaving also acts like an exfoliator. An aftershave skin is left feeling smooth and soft with the texture look evener. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells that are hoarded on our face and prevents penetration of skincare products.

“I like how smooth my skin feels after my monthly shaving,” says Jade, 22 year old student. “I can’t stop caressing myself.”

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Your pores will be cleaner and thus reducing breakouts. It is recommended for people to give the skin a good scrub at least one to twice a week. When you find that your product is not able to penetrate into your skin as rapidly, it means that it’s time to give your skin a good scrub for better skin renewal and radiance.

Makeup Stays and Looks Better


Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe and Cleopatra were all fans of shaving facial hair. The reason being that the makeup will glide on and sit smoothly on your skin without the peach fuzz. The removal of facial hair gives you a smoother facial canvas and thus the reason why your complexion will look radiant and softer after putting on your usual foundation.

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Reduces Acne and Oil


Facial hair follicles trap bacteria that play a role in the formation of acne on your face. This bacteria called Propionibacterium acne is present on your face and thrive to grow and multiply in the low oxygen environment on your follicle, causing skin tantrums and flare-ups.

“It was actually recommended by my facialist to shave my face since I was prone to acne,” says Kyra, a part-time model. “I definitely noticed that I have lesser breakouts.”

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If You Are Going to Shave Your Facial Hair…


Everything may sound awesome as above, but it’s important that you are extremely careful and do shave your fuzz properly. When using a razor, it is important to not to use a shaver meant for your legs (yew, don’t tell me this crossed your mind). The skin and texture on your face are much more delicate than your legs and can you bear to get those cuts and bumps you accidentally created when you were shaving? We suggest using a small razor such as those meant for eyebrow shaving. Other than using a fresh blade, you should also shave in the same direction to prevent ingrowth.

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If putting a razor near to your face still sounds like “SAW” waiting to happen, don’t worry as there is always the easier way out of entrusting the task to a skilled aesthetic doctor.

Unlike other hair removal lasers, Soprano Ice Permanent Laser Hair Removal is powered with 3 different wavelengths to ensure that people of light and dark skin and hair follicles are treated safely and efficiently.

After a session, hair will start to fall over the next few weeks as the outermost layer of the skin undergoes skin renewal. An illusion that hair follicles are still growing may happen but in actual fact, the hair is being pushed out. The number of treatments needed to remove hair is dependent on the individual and area treated.

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