4 Must-try Skin Brightening Treatments

Our complexion plays a huge importance in how you are perceived by others. When you have beautiful, smooth and healthy skin, it shows that you care enough about yourself to make sure you look presentable and your confidence level will shine.

This is also the reason why we are willing to spend thousands on cosmetics and in beauty parlours for skin-enhancing treatments to defy ageing and keep our skin in tiptop condition. We tried and tested 4 beauty treatments to bring you the glow you’ve always wanted.

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Power-packed with a high concentration of oxygen in 3 different forms, O2 Blush rejuvenates your dull sluggish complexion for a “Victoria Secret’s Angel” kind-of-runway radiance. Your bare-face will be left blushing with poise and the likes in the limelight for days.


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Marilyn Monroe’s complexion always seemed lit from within. Monroe Hydrafacial is your best bet to mimic her bombshell illuminating complexion! Featuring the patented Hydrafacial MD technology, dead skin cells are uprooted to nail down skin-whitening ingredients like vitamin c, glutathione, and pearl powder for a natural and genuine superstar glow.


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Using the new 1927nm Thulium laser, BB AquaTouch alleviates the superficial layers of the skin to clear pigmentations, improve skin’s elasticity, reduce pores and smooth fine wrinkles efficaciously. Your complexion gets an instant “photoshop” filter or bb cream effect like the Koreans while looking more refined, softer and brighter. 


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A flawless, lifted and glowy complexion is just beams away with Quattro Toning. This lunchtime beauty hero works its magic against pigmentations, pores, wrinkles and lackluster skin in 15 minutes with minimal downtime. Its wavelength hits directly into the deeper layers of the skin (not affecting the top layer of the skin), bringing the radiance back to your face from deep within.


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