5 Ways To Deal With Dark Eye Circles

You are sitting in front of your vanity table: you apply your $100 eye cream, pile on your $80 concealer on your hated dark eye rings, and proceed to beautify the rest of your beautiful face.

A few minutes later, something dry and cracky caught your attention in the reflection, (un)fine lines and obvious patch of caking on your under eyes caused by concealer. Concealer was meant to cover up but not to reveal our skin woes. If this makeup mishap sounds so darn familiar, you need to continue reading for some dark eye circles-transforming tips.

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1. Incorporate Eye Mask into your routine

The skin around our eyes is much thinner in comparison to our facial skin, therefore it is also the fastest to show signs of aging. A diligent routine of applying an eye mask weekly will give your tired and overworked eyes a great boost and you will feel refreshed and revigorated immediately after it.

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We are huge fans of Sephora’s in-house products as they work pretty well and are usually only a fraction of big brands names. For easing black eye circles, we recommend the  SEPHORA COLLECTION Eye Mask in Rose —- natural fiber masks with extremely moisturizing & brightening effect on the under eyes in a mere 15 minutes.

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 3.29.19 PM.pngIf you want to prevent wrinkles, you should consider investing in this sleeping eye mask. Not just a normal eye mask that acts as a shield to block visual stimuli for a quality sleep, ILUMINAGE Skin Rejuvenating Eye Mask is made of Cupron’s copper oxide technology which is clinically proven to minimize eye wrinkles to reveal younger and softer skin in a month.

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2. Keep Your Eye Serum in the Fridge

A chilling eye serum (or face serum) helps to cool the delicate eye area upon application and this makes the underlying blood vessels smaller, thus reducing the appearance of panda eyes.

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Our pick is the luxurious Chái Liquid Gold which contains Argireline and gold particles that work together to firm, illuminate and promote healthy cell renewal under the eyes to prevent aging before it happens. Beautiful, lineless and youthful eyes,  please.chai liquid gold

3. Use a concealer / corrector with orange undertones for the best dark circle coverage.

Orange-based concealers or corrector will counteract the blue undertone of dark circles and transform it into skin brown colour. Avoid bright orange as it will turn into a weird peachy colour when concealer is blended.

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4. Ditch the dots, triangles are in


While you smear concealer under your eye to cover dark circles, this technique creates an illusion to flatten the areas right below your under eye area. A good concealer should also lift the cheek areas and this makeup technique is called the “triangle of light”.

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Apply an inverted triangle using concealer below your eyes instead of the usual half moon shape template that you’ll normally do. This will create a more natural blending from your under eyes to your full face, and prevent it from looking too chalky or light in comparison to your foundation.

5. Leave it to the professionals

Getting some help with those wrinkles...

By delivering hyaluronic acid directly to your under eyes, Revitalift Eyes increase the hyaluronic acid level significantly to retain more moisture as well as encourage collagen production to bring intense hydration and cast a shine to your dark shadows. Your tired and dull eyes will be restored to see the lights again!

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If needles are not what you pursue, Genius Eye FIRMx delivers hyaluronic acid and adenosine to brighten your dark eye circles as well as using Exilis radiofrequency to lift and firm droopy eyes. Your peepers will twinkle brightly once again for real!

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