Don’t Let These Little Things Expose Your Age

When it comes to combating aging, most of us will go the extra miles to prevent wrinkles, crow’s feet or saggy skin from leaving their prints on our faces.  However, do you know there are many other clues that everyone can guess your age no matter how youthful and supple your visage looks? Don’t let these little things (that can be changed or prevented) expose your actual age.

Dry and Flaky Skin


As we age, the fluctuation of our hormones affects the loss of oil glands which help to keep our skin soft as well as our skin’s ability to retain moisture declines. Dry and flaking skin is a common skin problem faced by many adults and elders.

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letsfixitbuttons: We cannot live without oxygen even for a few minutes. This life-sustaining air also keeps our skin clear of toxins and impurities. “The oxygen level in our skin diminishes rapidly as we age, thus the appearance of dryness, as well as wrinkles and fine lines,” says Dr Kenneth Lee, founder of SW1 Clinic.

Bestow your scorched skin with 3 types of solid and high level of oxygen treatments with O2Blush—— the secret behind Josephine Skriver’s healthy glow at the runway. Specially designed to replenish oxygen in your skin, your parched skin is rejuvenated and your fine lines become less visible. Your skin will be glistening throughout the week.

If you are someone who believes in more is more, add a shot of PDRN to correct past DNA damage and renew your cells to reach its peak again.

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Bony and Dry Hand


Our hands are the most overused yet most uncared for parts of our body. They actually show signs of aging much faster than the face and neck. Premature aging is caused by sun damage (nobody ever bothers to apply sunblock to their hands? 😦 )— wrinkling, uneven pigmentation and thinning of the skin, genetics (just like how freckles are hereditary), as well as medications, can also affect the state of your hands.

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letsfixitbuttons: Applying Eve Lom Time Retreat Hand Treatment frequently throughout the day (or when your paws are feeling dry) helps to reduce the appearance of lines and for instant rejuvenation. You can change the fate of your hands (with your own hands) with this award-winning hand cream that is encapsulated retinol, proven to stimulate collagen production and provide hydration.


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Have you ever wondered why is applying face mask and hair mask so important but no one talks much about hand mask? Our hands work way harder than these two parts. Give your hands a much-need beauty treat with Karuna Hydrating Hand Mask —- infused with shea butter, jojoba oil, and Japanese camellia oil for an intensive smoothening, softening and hydration. Everyone will be guessing how you managed to keep your hands so youthful, perfect for that elegant French manicure.


Your Eyes Look Smaller


Sure enough, our eyeballs don’t reduce their sizes as the number of candles of birthday cake increase; they only appear smaller due to the loss of collagen and sagging skin around the windows to our soul.

letsfixitbuttons: Tiny droplets of pure hyaluronic acid are injected evenly into the undereye areas with the prior application of anaesthetic cream via Revitalift Undereyes . With the natural replenishment of new collagen, elastin, HA and moisture retention ability,  the treated skin will look firmer, younger and more supple after 1-week post-treatment. Regain the twinkle in your beautiful eyes once again for real!

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Thinner Lips

thin lips

Some people like Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johansson are genetically blessed with full sexy lips. However, nature is fair and square. “Our lips start to lose their suppleness when we age as our body produces lesser collagen, ” says Dr Chua Han Boon, Aesthetic Consultant from SW1 Clinic. “Our lips get their shapes from collagen”. A full lip is attractive, full of vitality and is also the first thing that catches a men’s eyes.

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letsfixitbuttons: It’s time to hop on the bandwagon of Kylie Jenner famous pout, Lip Fillers is the gem to transform people with thin unattractive lips into the glamorous and sexy self they never know exist. These volume enhancing injections helps to revive the natural contours and shape of your lips— you’ll notice more guys staring at those irresistible pouts. ❤

Age Spots


Age spots are similar to freckles but larger and appear randomly on areas on your face, hands, arms, feet, and back. They are often caused by years of overexposure in the sun, thus the name age spots.

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letsfixitbuttons: Using a broad-spectrum of sunscreen like SW1 BEACH HAT SPF 50, helps to protect your delicate skin against UV rays and to prevent further unnecessary and unwanted age spots. This oil-free shield helps to protect your skin against both UVB and AND UVB, as well as giving dull skin a radiant tint for a smoother and beautiful coverage even without makeup.

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 4.23.00 PM


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If discolorations are a major concern for you currently, consider taking up Porcelain Skin Program to get rid of them once and for all. Plus, your skin will look much fairer! This skin transformation treatment includes 8 sessions of Pico Pigment, a FDA-approved laser to erase stubborn discolorations together with  4 sessions of LED red to reverse signs of damage caused by UV rays and aging, as well as 4 sessions Aqua.dermabrasion plus Pearl éclat to boost the overall health and luminosity of your complexion.

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