10 Things Women With Clear Skin Do

Perfect clear skin does not happen by chance. Hard work and diligence are some of the open-secrets the women with flawless complexion swear by. Stick to the 10 tips from women with clear skin, and you’ll definitely find your skin appearing brighter, clearer and younger.

#1 She Drinks Enough Water


Water is essential for our body as 50% to 70% of our body mass is made up of water—including skin, tissues, cells and organs. Being the largest organ of our body, skin is made up of cells which are made up of water. Drinking at least 3L of water per day helps the skin and body in many ways—— helps to replenish the skin tissue and improves elasticity; keeps the skin well hydrated to look supple and smooth; flushes toxins out of the body for healthier and glowing complexion.

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#2 She Cleanses Correctly

If you apply foundation on your face, you should remove it at the earliest possible opportunity you have. “If you don’t cleanse your face thoroughly after a day worth of makeup, dirt and dead skin continue to stay on your skin, clogging pores and causing pimples,” warns Dr Chua Han Boon, Aesthetic Consultant of SW1 Clinic. “You’ll also notice that your complexion appears dull  and wrinkly when you wake up the next day as makeup debris can settle into your creases and fine lines.”

Suitable for all skin types, SW1 Skin Gym Deep Cleansing Gel is a no-nonsense deep pore cleanser that melts makeup, oil, and impurities effectively. On contact, your skin will feel a warm sensation, just like a mini workout session for your skin. It doesn’t strip off moisture from the skin but leaves a natural glow and super-smooth texture after use.

Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 4.35.04 PM

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Not just an ordinary makeup removal, Fresh Faced Coco Mint Souffle Facial Cleanser is formulated with botanical ingredients such as peppermint to soften and freshen your skin while fending off oil and dead skin cells.Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 4.21.05 PM

#3 She Eats Healthily

Skip the sugar, dairy, caffeine, and processed food the next time you reach for them. The phrase “you are what you eat” sums up how your diet affects your complexion. If you want to radiate flawless skin, stock up sunflower seeds, walnuts, pomegranates, kidney beans and greek yogurt in your diet.

#4 She Moisturises Routinely

Why is moisturiser so important? Moisturiser helps to keep your skin hydrated, clear, smooth, and wrinkle-free. When your skin is too dry or too oily, skin problems such as acne and fine lines start to pop up.  A balanced and freshly moisturised skin has a firm and plump feeling with a healthy sheen that makes heads turn.

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Coveted as a cult product by beauty editors, bloggers and beauty gurus, Creme de La Mer The Moisturising Soft Cream submerges into your shriveled skin quickly and leaves it feeling plumper, softer, smoother immediately and all day long. It is no wonder Beauty Diva Jeffree Star looks so great for his age, he has been using this gem for more than 10 years!

Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 5.37.41 PM

Clog-free and fast-penetration, SW1 Luminizing II Replenishing & Moisturizing Cream quenches parched skin instantly as well as improving skin’s health and resilience for a never seen before dewy and supple look.

Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 5.36.01 PM

#5 She Never Touches Her Face

Between sneezing, turning doorknobs, typing feverishly on your laptop and iPhone, our hands come into contact with millions of germs every day. “Don’t let these acne-causing germs make it to your face,” says Dr Kenneth Lee, co-founder of SW1 Clinic, “Unless you are expecting for the unwanted breakout.”

“There is also a huge tendency for you to pick at blemishes which can cause lifelong acne scarring that you’ll end up paying a huge price for to get rid of them,” says Dr Kenneth Lee. “Make an effort to forbid touching your face both consciously and unconsciously.”

#6 She Wears Sunscreen – Rain or Shine

One thing you’ll regret over the course of next 10 years down the road is not applying sunblock today, yesterday and the many weeks and months before. Sunblock protects your skin from UV rays that cause skin cancer, pigmentations, and it also helps to slow down the development of wrinkles and prematurely aging skin. Don’t brave the UV rays without slapping on sunblock as it is an easy long-term beauty investment to keep you looking young and flawless when you are older.

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SW1 Umbrella gives you the maximum protection of SPF 70 from UV Rays and its water-resistant ability can protect your skin under water for up to 4 hours. This lightweight and protective shield is suitable for children and people with sensitive skin.

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 4.05.51 PM

#7 She Exfoliates At Least Once A Week

There are multiple goodnesses for your skin when you exfoliate at least once a week. Fresh and smooth skin cells are revealed, dead cells from pores are removed whilst making them appear smaller,  last but not least, eliminating the undesired buildup also enhances your skin’s ability to absorb your skin care products better so that they work better too.

Crystal Healing Oxygenating Facial Scrub works like a chameleon—- its crystal scrub transforms into a micro-foaming mask with water, then it transforms into fine crystal scrub after leaving it on for 10 minutes to remove debris and dead skin cells gently and efficiently. The micro-ionized pearls stimulate microcirculation on the skin, promote collagenesis and it releases oxygen and positive ions into the skin for unseen illumination.

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 11.14.16 AM

#8 She Cleans Her Makeup Brushes

Keeping our beauty tools clean and sparkly is one of the keys to keeping recurring breakout at bay.  Most women are guilty of giving their brushes and sponges a good wash less than once a month. Can you imagine slapping weeks worth of hoarded foundation and eyeshadow (including bacteria and germs) onto your face, while praying that the bacteria and product buildup dirty brushes and sponges will not give you skin irritation, breakouts, and clogged pores? #GROSS

“For concealer and foundation brushes at home, clean them at least once a week to prevent a buildup of product,” says Makeup Artiste Ashley Brandon, “Brushes that you use around the eyes including concealer brushes should be washed at least twice a month. The other brushes can be cleaned once a month.”

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If you are a cleanliness freak, get your hands on the SEPHORA COLLECTION The Cleanse: Daily Brush Cleaner, it doesn’t contain alcohol or surfactants that can damage your precious brushes. Infuse with lemon, lime, grapefruit, and tea tree oils, this USD$8.50 daily brush cleanser helps to clean and condition brushes at the same time. Simply spritz once or twice onto your soiled brushes, and gently wipe it off using a tissue. Repeat until all products are wiped off from the brush.


Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 9.53.36 AM

#9 She Leaves It To The Professionals

A monthly visit to your favourite medical spa center works wonder for your complexion by giving it a thorough detox and purification it deserves after putting up with the daily makeup, dead skin cells, and pollutants. A clever woman invests in herself with proven and dermatologist-approved skincare and products.

Bardot Hydrafacial is a multi-tasking spa that features 1) Patented Hydrafacial MD technology meticulously diminishes luster-robbing dead skin cells 2) French magnetite mask leaves no clogged pore behind 3) Multi-tasking rainbow LED photobiomodulation helps to heal and prevent aging 4) Cold mist closes pore and further detoxifies skin.

Stressed, parched and overworked skin is rejuvenated by Aqua.dermabrasion in 60 minutes. Three forms of vitamins are infused into your skin to detox, primp and prep before the shot of an oxygen wrap and antioxidant spray that leave behind glowing and smooth baby skin.

#10 She Sleeps Early and Well


Last but not least, a woman with clear flawless will make sure she gets at least 8 hours quality sleep with a clean head of hair and pillow. The lack of sleep will worsen inflammation in the body by reacting with increased breakouts, sensitivity, allergy and even dermatitis. Increased inflammatory cells also affect collagen and hyaluronic acid to break down faster—- kiss the glowy, supple and smooth skin goodbye.

When you are in your slumber land, your skin is able to recover moisture and excess water is processed for removal. Due to the poor water balance, puffy bags, under-eye circles, dry and more obvious lines are also expected. Make it a point to make it in time to have a good night rest for your complexion as well as body.

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