5 Unicorn-Inspired Beauty Products You Have To Get

unicorn fluffy

We know right? The Unicorn trend is back! We thought that Mermaid was trending for a while and when TOO FACED strikes back by dropping the magical Life’s a Festival Collection last week, we know the love for Unicorn-inspired products will still continue to thrive and be worshipped by Unicorns all over the world! Here are some beauty products that are inspired by this mystical creature that lives in our fantasy:

  1.  TOO FACED Unicorn Tears

Unicorn Tears


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The most iconic product from Too Faced, Unicorn Tears lipstick is Jarrod’s most-prized product that he said “started a craze and still holds the #1 spot as the best-selling lipstick in all of Ulta.”  Since this loveboat is so loved, don’t miss out the adorable Highlighter version that comes in the shape of a true-blue Unicorn horn! ADORBS. You can also get the highlightter in the super cute rainbow-shaped Life’s a Festival Eyeshadow Palette.  THE COLLECTION IS SO CUTE THAT WE ARE HYPERVENTILATING NOW.
Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 3.53.17 PM

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 4.02.18 PM


2) Oh, do you remember the geez Jarrod threw at Tarte for launching the unicorn collection? THE BRUSHES ARE SO FLUFFY AND COLOURFUL, WE MAY INDEED KILL some unicorns for these. (No wonder Jarrod *feelsthreatened* and had to remind us that Unicorn Tears is his baby!)

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But, these dream bristles were snatched up as soon as they hit the rack last year. Instead, bring Focallure Rainbow Unicorn Brushes to your castle. The oh-so-cute rainbow handles may resemble Unicorn horns and the bristles are so soft like how you imagined brushing against a unicorn’s fur, they are not made out of unicorn (or other animals)! Folcallure is a vegan company that loves unicorns and all animals. ❤



3) Long long time ago, way before Unicorns Tears exists, Lime Crime is the creator of Unicorn-inspired makeup! Back in 2009, Doe Deere launched Unicorn Lipsticks, a wild and never-seen-before range of lip colors with a sparkling unicorn on the packaging. In 2012, she started the liquid lipstick craze with Velvetines and continued to develop Lime Crime with Unicorn as her muse. You can sparkle like a fairy with one swipe of  Angels Diamond Crushers. Wear it alone or as a topper for different looks. Fabulous.

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4) We hope that Jarrod will not be irate but Unicorn Tears from SW1 is absolutely our dream come true! We don’t need makeup to glow and radiate happiness like a Unicorn with this skin-refreshener. Formulated with skin-energising adenosine, skin-whitening tranexamic acid, and anti-aging expert retinol, your skin will lit up from a universe away. GRAB IT BEFORE IT’S GONE!

SW1 Unicorn Tears

5) Icy-blue glow that made you look like Elsa from Frozen? It may sound weird but this Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops in Halo looks smashing on the cheeks! If you want to illuminate like the perfect Unicorn poster-girl, you have to get your hands on it! PS: If you want to be a more subtle Unicorn, there are other colours available.

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