The Most Important Trick to Nailing the No-Makeup Makeup Look

While there is a proliferation of women using filters to enhance their looks, when it comes to meeting your love interest in person, there is no hiding behind your instagram’s filters. That’s why looking fabulous in real life is still so important despite the advent of a myriad of photoshop tricks that allows less-than-perfect complexions to hide behind. Men we interviewed say that they are increasingly skeptical when they come across a pretty face on the web. “Almost every girl looks identically flawless on tinder or facebook. I reserve judgement until I have had at least one face-to-face meet up with them” says Brendan, 32 year old marketing executive who is currently single but ‘looking’.

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When you ask men, one of the things they absolutely hate is too much makeup on their dates. “I want to go out with a girl my age not someone who looks old enough to be my mother” commented Derrick who says he prefers ‘natural-looking’ girls.

That’s why No-makeup makeup remains a huge trend among all types of women, especially supermodels. Although you might think no-makeup makeup is all about a less-is-more approach when applying, that’s not necessarily what it takes to nail the look. We speak to 3 industry experts on how to nail the No-Makeup Makeup Look.

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The Doctor: “Start with a good base”

Using skin refining lasers sich as Pico Smooth and complexion enhancing lasers such as BB Aquatouch can give skin a headstart.

According to Dr Kenneth Lee, medical director of SW1 Clinic, makeup will not give you the complexion that a good skin does. While light makeup can enhance one’s c omplexion, anything heavier tends to look cakey and adds years to the face, instead of subtracting it away. Dr Lee recommends his patients to improve skin tone and glow with BB Aquatouch, a skin-refining laser that gives a photoshop finish to all skin types especially dull, lackluster ones. For those with large pores or mild acne scars, his experience with Pico Smooth leads him to conclude that this is one of the most effective laser systems to smoothen and refine textural issues. “The key to a flawless look is to improve your skin condition. When your base is good, makeup enhances your look” he says.

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The Makeup Artist: “Balance is key”

According to Glenda Wee, a professional makeup artist based in Hong Kong, the key is masterful precision and balance. “For every glowy product, you have a matte product to balance it out,” she advises. For instance, she’ll use a creamy highlighter along the tops of the cheekbones and then a matte bronzer to sweep underneath. “It’s all about highs and lows.”

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To make skin look fresh and clean, he’ll often use a long-wear foundation like Dior Forever Undercover 24H Foundation ($52). However, instead of applying it directly to the skin, he’ll mix it with moisturizer and buff it on using a fluffy brush. “It kind of gives you this fresh, whipped veil of makeup over the skin.”

As important as makeup is to this look, it’s not just about the makeup but its application. Like Dr Lee, Glenda also considers good skin care important. “One thing I’m known for is prep,” she says “makeup on dehydrated skin just looks flaky”.

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To prep, she starts with a self-heating cleanser such as Skin Gym to not only give a fresh base but to increase the circulation. This, she says, gives the cheeks a natural flush. She also amps up skin’s natural glow by exfoliating and masking with Crystal Healing, a two-in-one scrub and mask that deeply detoxes the pores to give a freshfaced finish. For a moisturizer that doesn’t leave a greasy residue behind, she goes for Citrine, a pure vitamin C powder and activator that she mixes just before application. She however advises that one area she dcoes like it fully hydrated is the eyes and the lips. For the eyes, she uses Liquid Gold eye to prep and soften the skin, she says colours stay better and dark eye circles are improved.

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The Model:  “Different strokes for different areas”


Having walked the runways since the tender age of 16, Suzanne is no stranger when it comes to looking good. Even though she is now in her thirties, she doesn’t look a day past 25 and counts her experience in the industry as giving her a headstart to aging gracefully. When we interviewed her she looked like she doesn’t have any makeup, just fresh, glowing, out-of-the-shower skin, much to our envy. “The trick is to use different products for selective parts of the face, this will give your skin a lighter finish” says Suzanne. For example she claims she has combination skin but she says this does not mean she skips the moisturizer as some parts of the face will appear drier than others— especially the eye area and the lips. For the lips, she uses Rose Gold serum to hydrate the lips. “Rose gold serum is superbly hydrating and penetrates very well into the skin to soften and rejuvenate. Because it is sooooo hydrating, one little pea sized drop goes a long way!”

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The same goes for makeup base, she says. “Most women don’t need a thick layer of foundation on the whole face. I will usually blend a little foundation under my eyes, then leave the rest of my skin bare”. According to Suzanne, she is not a fan of over-powdering the face for the ‘geisha’ look, she dusts a light sprinkling over her T-zone area only, leaving prone-to shine areas matte but her cheeks dewy.


We’re ready to give it a try! After all, if it works for supermodels, it works for us.


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