Break the Ageing Code

Our body clock is really smart. Even before the very first fine line is formed on the skin, our body already has a predetermined “code” of exactly how our skin will mature. This may be a natural process but it doesn’t mean that you have to raise your white flag. You can defy and triumph over the ageing code if you choose the correct teammates— anti-ageing skincare products, gravity-defy beauty treatments, and supplements to fight the effects of ageing.

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Skincare Products to Undo Ageing Skin

While there is no shortcut key or magic tool to attain perfect skin, one beauty ingredient is pretty close — retinol (Vitamin A).  When applied to the skin, retinol helps to significantly improve cell turnover rate while stimulating collagen production for smoother and more supple looking skin. We crown these 2 retinol based ingredients as our top hits that are tried and tested to reverse the signs of ageing.

Super Helper

Super Helper is a multi-tasking super serum that is loaded with retinol and alpha-hydroxy acids in a refreshing fruit enzyme base that keeps your skin velvety and clear. When used consistently, your skin will look rejuvenated and refreshed —- amazingly brighter, smoother and firmer while dark spots become less visible.

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Age DefyWith such a hegemony name, Age Defy certainly lives up to its name as an elixir of youth. Powerpacked with skin-hydrating hyaluronic acid and skin-firming vital collagen, this stellar age-defying product stars retinol as its main anti-ageing superstar. Complexion improves tremendously with increased firmness, tightness, suppleness.

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Beauty Treatment to Defy Gravity

Beautiful faces of young woman

Trinity Facelift from SW1 Clinic is a special treatment program that incorporates two of the most prominent non-invasive age-defying procedures, Ulthera and Thermage, along with Exilis Lift and Sygma Lift further enhance the firming and lifting effect of maturing skin.

Ulthera delivers ultrasound wave into the deeper layer of the skin to tightens, firms and lift foundation of the skin

Thermage stimulates collagen fibers which tighten and strengthens overlying skin.

Exilis Lift rejuvenates sagging and ageing skin by stimulating new collagen production.

Sygma Lift is a painless laser that gives you an overall firming of a much coveted v-shaped face.

After 2 sessions of this program, you’ll leave the clinic with a more lifted visage as well as a complexion that is bouncier, more elasticity and supple than before.

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Supplements to Turn Back Time

Studio shot of young beautiful woman
Studio shot of young beautiful woman

Skin supplements such as Sublingual Glutathione are readily available at SW1 clinic. This knight in shining armor shields and defends skin from the photodamages caused by the sun, which in turn protect cells against UV damages.

Some supplements for the skin can only be delivered in-clinic such as SW1’s add-on Happy Ending which uses stem cells and adenosine triphosphate to unlock the aging code. Adenosine is a superstar in the anti-ageing ingredient world as it that is able to boost collagen and elastin production for firmer skin while stimulating cell energy to improve skin circulation to transform it back into its natural blush and radiance. This ingredient is also beneficial in fighting against crinkles and uneven complexion.

All in all, if you want a refresher, younger, cream and peaches complexion, give SW1 Clinic a shot. You can create your own beautiful fairy tale too!

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