Beauty Treats That Are Out of This World

Thanks to the rapid improvement of Science and Technology, newer and more effective beauty treatments are popping out at the rate that even Quicksilver may have trouble catching up with. We are the “cool group” that will always be the first to try and review the latest beauty fixes available in the market. Here are 4 beauty treats that are out of this world that you may not have heard of.  They are really cool, we ensure you.

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Freezing Body treatments – Coolshape


When it comes to achieving the perfect toned body, hard work and disciple are two important predominants to measure your success. However, most of us have that extra pounds that are hidden behind our favourite dress. Coolshape diminishes fat in targeted areas by “Cryolipolysis”—- a non-invasive controlled cooling method to reduce and break fat cells.

A good alternative to liposuction, Coolshape stimulates the body with an anti-inflammatory reaction—- disposal of fats cells out of the body. Sonophoresis after Coolshape helps to optimize the lymphatic drainage of the treated area while delivering vital vitamins and nutrients to care for the skin.

❤ Perfect for: Long-time dieter who is troubled by the last bit of stubborn targeted fat despite diligent exercising and dieting.

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Oxygen facials – O2 blush

Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 12.47.38 PM

Boosted with an abundance of 3 types of skin-loving oxygen, O2 Blush is Victoria’s Secret Angels’ real secret of their coveted glow during their annual extravagant show. This angelic facial embraces your skin with an oxygenating detox pre-mask, followed by an oxygen mask and caresses your full profile with an oxy shot therapy, blowing you a healthy and lovely kiss of life.

❤ Perfect for: Those who yearn for a healthy nude glow, just like Lily Aldridge.

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Ultrasound facials — 24K Uplift


24K Uplift lavishes saggy, dull and lackluster skin by combining clinical Sygmalift ultrasound skin tightening technology with cold laser and sumptuous vitamins to feed your malnutrition skin. Sygmalift is a painless and injection-free intensive skin uplifting treatment which uses High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) technology. This popular fast-fix has no downtime while the instant tightening and uplifting effect can be seen immediately after treatment.

❤ Perfect for: Those who want a combination of aesthetics and spa procedure which is fuss-free and comfortable when giving an immediate and lasting lifting effect.

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Magnetic Mask — Opposites Attract


Found in the facial wing of SW1 Clinic, SW1 Spa‘s iconic Bardot Hydrafacial features Opposite Attract —– a french magnetite mask that works very hard to root out congested pores rigorously, leaving no pore behind.

As the last step in Bardot Hydrofacial, Cryloslush is SW1 clinic’s coolest pore refiner that effectively closes pores for the peaches and cream skin that will turn heads whatever you go.

Enjoy the 5 exhilarating steps of skin rejuvenating treats from this iconic facial. Leave no pores unturned and leave SW1 Clinic with your skin transformed to your cleanest and healthiest state.

❤ Perfect for: Clogged and congested skin that is sending out SOS signals

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