The Truth About Skin Color Side Effects After Laser Treatment

How common is hypopigmentation after Q-switch 1064nm lasers? Without seeing the full picture, many people who have undergone laser treatments are succumbing to unnecessary panic due to misinformation about what lasers can and cannot do for their skins.



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9679920-mythos-stempel MYTH: All lasers cause hypopigmentation.


stamp truth with red text on whiteTRUTH: Only certain lasers cause hypopigmentation…

and usually when done with wrong power settings or in too frequent intervals (a few times a day). In Asian skins, the most common laser is Q-switched 1064nm laser when done frequently (daily or several times a day). In this study  by Dr Wong Yisheng , three cases of hypopigmentation caused by Q-switched 1064nm lasers were recorded. In the first case, a 51 year old woman received over 50 sessions of Q-switched 1064nm laser over 6 months, sometimes she would have lasers a few times a day!

In the second case, a 58 year old lady received Q-switched ND:YAG laser weekly for 1 year! (that’s about 52 sessions in a year)

In the third case, a 58 year old lady received the same laser every 2 weeks for 2 years!

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9679920-mythos-stempel MYTH: Any lighter patch of skin is hypopigmentation


stamp truth with red text on white TRUTH: it is normal for skin to have differing skin tones.


Only the left photo shows hypopigmented spots.
Angelina Jolie (right photo) on the other hand does not have hypopigmentation, merely uneven skin tone.

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9679920-mythos-stempel MYTH: Hypopigmentation is only caused by lasers!


stamp truth with red text on white TRUTH: Hypopigmentation caused by laser is rare…

despite what some may lead us to believe. The most common causes of hypopigmentation are: genetic causes, infection, burns, inflammation. Even steroid creams can cause hypopigmentation when used inappropriately.


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9679920-mythos-stempel MYTH: All Laser Toning are the same!


stamp truth with red text on white TRUTH: The latest Pico Pigment laser is different from the traditional Q-switch Laser toning!

Most laser toning systems on the market still use the Q-switch systems that operate in nanoseconds. The latest Pico Pigment lasers are most innovative technological advancement where the lasers operate in picoseconds. What is a picosecond? A picosecond is equal to 1012 or 1/1,000,000,000,000 of a second. That is one trillionth, or one millionth of one millionth of a second, or 0.000 000 000 001 seconds. Pico pigment lasers are more effective and associated with less risk of hypopigmentation than traditional laser toning systems.




6 thoughts on “The Truth About Skin Color Side Effects After Laser Treatment

  1. I have tried different lasers on my skin, and I still find that they give me better skin than all the different creams I have tried. Never really had an issue. Sure, if i get into the sun my pigment gets darker but i think a oroper aftercare goes hand in hand with the treatment 🙂


  2. The scare mongering and misinformation spread on the web is mainly done by ill-informed, and ill-intentioned folks. They say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.


  3. we need to be realistic about what lasers can do. also when you pay peanuts you get monkeys so if you are going for one of those $1.99 laser deals, don’t come crying to mama, dude!


  4. I just saw a doctor for dark patches on my skin, then I realised this doctor himself had even worse melasma on his cheeks! despite him telling me how good his lasers were, I was just unconvinced. Sorry…


  5. some of the best doctors I have seen never say a bad thing about other people. some of the worst I have seen can’t stop bitching about others, or bragging about how good they are. sheesh!


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