The Secret Facial Mist That Gives This ‘Game of Thrones’ Star Glowy Skin

We often wonder how these A-listers do it. Between fitful crying scenes and fighting off back-stabbing siblings, their skin still glistens with a luminosity we mere mortals can only dream of.
Actress Carice van Houten (known for her role as Melisandre in Game of Thrones) relies on this facial spray for radiant on-screen skin. From Daenerys Targaryen’s white-blonde braids to Jon Snow’s famous man bun, HBO’s hit TV series Game of Thrones has no shortage of iconic beauty moments. But it’s hard to top the radiant complexion of “The Red Priestess” Melisandre (played by Dutch actress Carice van Houten), whose otherworldly glow steals every scene she’s in.

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Games of Thrones Actress Carice van Houten

Fortunately, we’ve been let into the secret to van Houten’s luminous skin and it isn’t witchcraft. The actress, (can you believe is actually 40?) credits jane iredale Lemongrass Love Hydration Spray ($30; for her gorgeous glow.

Lemongrass Love Hydration Spray

Lemongrass Love Hydration Spray

240_F_116112896_2kxHMzIW8tUuBYZ9c0EqvIZhnJyOnPFfWhy We Love It: The popular facial spray contains lemongrass for a refreshing mist that instantly hydrates skin—and according to van Houten, the scent is to die for.
Testers say: “Every time my makeup artist sprays me with that one, I completely love it,” she told the beauty company.

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Previously the arsenal of only professional makeup artists, facial mists have now found their place in many beauty aficionados vanity shelves. New formulations contain innovative technology that blend quick absorption with a myriad of skin benefits— from anti-acne to skin hydrating. Easy to use and perfect for travel, it’s a godsend for those whose oily or combination skins do not allow anything heavier than a facial mist during the day.

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Here’s a round up of some favourites we cannot do without:

Clear Tonic

240_F_116112896_2kxHMzIW8tUuBYZ9c0EqvIZhnJyOnPFfWhy We Love It: Clear Tonic is a lightweight acne fighter helps skin maintain its clarity while balancing out sebum and shine. It leaves skin refined and does wonders minimizing enlarged pores and perking dull skin. It’s a great travel companion for skins that are prone to breakouts, comedones or untimely shine. At the same time, it also refreshes the skin with much needed hydration while ensuring complexion has the best defense against breakouts all day long.

Testers say: “I have pimples but acne creams leave my skin super flaky and dry. This mist leaves my skin balanced and clear and prevents new pimples from forming!”

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240_F_116112896_2kxHMzIW8tUuBYZ9c0EqvIZhnJyOnPFfWhy We Love It: Nothing comes purer than pure alpha hydroxy skin mist. Its made suitable for all skin types but works its magic especially on dull, clogged skins with its su[erior skin brightening and glow-coaxing prowess. Formulated with just enough hydration to refresh, balance and soothe complexions without leaving traces of greasiness or clogging pores, Detox is able to also renew and clear out pores to leave complexions flawless and clean with regular use, making it a hit with everyone needing a boost of quickie dermal detox. Bring it with you for sports or travel and you will be guaranteed an ‘out-of-the-shower’ glow that’s out of this world.
Testers say: “I loathe greasy lotions, but I love having clear skin which is what Detox gives my skin each and every time I use it.”

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Rose Ginseng Brightening Facial Mist

240_F_116112896_2kxHMzIW8tUuBYZ9c0EqvIZhnJyOnPFfWhy We Love It: If you haven’t heard of botanical stem cells for skin, it’s time to come out of the shell you have been living in. Rose Ginseng Facial Mist is created using botanical stem cell extracts that encourages your skin to renew and regenerate in an optimal manner, keeping your complexion youthful and fresh for longer with minimal effort. What’s not to like? It’s a mist of youth even time you spritz.

Testers say: “I love the smell of rose and ginseng extracts in this antioxidant-rich mist. It feels like silk on my skin and i can really feel the difference after a few days. My skin is definitely softer and makeup sits so much better.”

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