Skin Beauty Secrets: How I Transformed My Face in 1 Day

I have always hated my dark eye circles, my pseudo eye bags and my dull skin. Even though I am only in my twenties, I am always asked by well-meaning friends why I looked so tired. I have been using eye creams and all sorts of different ‘lifting’ creams for over a year, and to be very honest, none made any difference to my face at all.

I finally picked up the courage to have something done to correct my dark eye circles and to lift my sagging skin, but without surgery. I spoke to Dr Kenneth Lee of SW1 Clinic who advised me that using Filler Hydrolift, he could give me help lift up my face which will give an illusion of slimming my face down further. I loved the concept of creating an even more V-shape look. Secondly, he advised that Revitalift Eye which used micro droplets of skin booster type filler can brighten my undereye area instantly. In the undereye area, he did warn that one session may not clear the dark eye circles completely though it will give an appreciable difference. For optimal results for the undereye area, he advised me to return for a series of sessions to completely treat the area thoroughly.

I wanted to see if the Filler Hydrolift and Revitalift Eye made a difference to my face and opted to undergo a half face trial with Dr Lee. I had the right side of my face treated first, so I could see the difference one session made. This is me before the treatment with an X marking the side to be treated. The left side will remain the untreated side. (of course I will treat the left side at a later date! Lol)

Before Treatment with Dr Kenneth Lee

Dr Lee carefully placed a few microinjections of Revitalift to my undereye area. I could not feel the injections. He explained the undereye is a delicate area and each session, he can only treat with a limited amount of Revitalift so as not to cause downtime and swelling. He then proceeded to gently massage he treated area with a cotton tip.

He then proceeded to treat my cheeks and side of my face with Filler Hydrolift. Firstly, he carefully marked out the anchor points of the face which would give my face a good shaping and lift. He then proceeded to lift my skin with his hands, then inject these anchor points with dermal hyaluronic acid filler. I was surprised that natural fillers can be used for lifting the skin and that it can make the face look slimmer, rather than plumper. He explained that when placed in the right locations and with the right filler and technique, Filler Hydrolift can provide a lifting and slimming effect. This is me after my treatment. I could see that the right side of my face was more lofted and looked slimmer and that my dark eye circles was better even under the harsh lighting of the treatment room. I was almost tempted to have my left side treated immediately but decided to hold out for just one more day to see the difference.

After Revitalift Eye & Filler Hydrolift

Day 2: This is me on the train. Even my friends started to comment that the right side of my face was much slimmer and sharper than my left. My right eye also looked bigger and the undereye area looked brighter than the other side.

Day 2: Right side of my face treated only

My right side of the face looked at least 5 years younger compared to my untreated left side. This is the photo of two halves of my face below. My right half (left side of photo) looks slimmer any my cheek bones are more lifted. My dark eye circles on that side also looks much better.

Right side: Treated                           Left side: Untreated

I am so pleased with the results of the treatment. I can’t wait to have the other side treated!

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