Beauty Hacks for 80s Babies

If you are born in the 80s, you may remember Tamagotchi, furbies and skinny brows in your teenage years. While I am sure you are glad those embarrassing fads may be a thing of the past, when it comes to your skin, you’d probably give anything to turn back time.

80s babies will be facing a different sort of beauty crisis of their own as their skin ages into the new millennium. No longer springy and forgiving like it was in the twenties, 80s babies will start to notice complexion deterioration and surface dullness, the start of fine lines, the transition from oily and normal to drier skin types.

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Here are some quick hacks to beauty-proof your skin for the years to come.



80s babies may notice their complexions no longer have the glow and radiance it did when it was younger. This is because as we age, our skin cell turnover becomes sluggish, leading to a build up of dead cells at the top layers of the dermis. This dead cell layer reflects light poorly, clogs up our pores and leads to comedone formation in the long run.

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240_F_116112896_2kxHMzIW8tUuBYZ9c0EqvIZhnJyOnPFf Hack #1: This calls for super effective cleaning techniques that is long on results and short on downtime. Deep Deep Clean is an all-round deep pore purging solution designed specifically to detox the skin thoroughly, leaving no pore unturned. This facial leaves your skin for longer without using harsh ingredients or scrubs, so your dermis is fresh and supple post-facial.

240_F_116112896_2kxHMzIW8tUuBYZ9c0EqvIZhnJyOnPFfHack #2: If you are low on glow, then top up your vitamin accounts using the most potent sources of vitamin C. Not all vitamin C are equally effective however. Notoriously unstable, most vitamin C formulations degrade rapidly in the bottle delivering almost no active ingredient on contact with the skin. For an entry level Vitamin C serum, try Truskins Natural Vitamin C serum. If you want to indulge your skin in a more potent formulation, try Citrine Vitamin C Elixir & Powder created Dr Low Chai Ling a powdered formulation of pure vitamin C to be added to your own skincare.

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Deep lines may still be a distant future away, but fine lines may start to creep up around your face, especially at the corners of your eyes and mouth. Repeated creasing of the skin at these areas may lead to further skin damage and collagen breakdown.

240_F_116112896_2kxHMzIW8tUuBYZ9c0EqvIZhnJyOnPFf Hack #1: Hydrating the skin may help to minimize the appearance of the lines as it plumps up the dermis. A well-moisturized skin tends to crease less than a dry one. Using a cream with vitamin A will be your best investment against premature ageing, as the former fights free radical and can reverse existing skin damage. Age Defy is one of our top favourites as it is a synergistic combination of vitamin A and hyaluronic acid. Algenist Lifting and Firming Serum is another serious contender when it comes to visible results after two weeks of use.

Image result for algenist firming and lifting

240_F_116112896_2kxHMzIW8tUuBYZ9c0EqvIZhnJyOnPFfHack #2: MicroRefine is a cross between Botox and a facial. It targets the skin, not the muscles, by delivering a hyper-dilute solution of botox to the skin. The result is that the skin is smoother and more even-looking, pores appear smaller. The plus side? There is no risk of the “frozen’ look or any unwanted change in facial expression as the facial muscles are spared in this technique. While Botox may be an option for many, MicroRefine is fast becoming the treatment of choice for many young women looking to spruce up their looks in a natural, holistic manner without anyone knowing they have had anything done.

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Skin may start acting schizophrenic. Is it too oily? Is it too dry? In fact, at times it may be both. You become a target of beauty counter girls who try to sell you  a dozen products of both skin types. Are they all necessary? Try the below beauty hacks before splurging on unnecessary skincare.

240_F_116112896_2kxHMzIW8tUuBYZ9c0EqvIZhnJyOnPFfHack #1: Balance your skin from inside out, not the other way round. Trying to use overtly harsh products to mattify an oily face may lead to overproduction of sebum, and exacerbate the situation. Purity Program uses an intelligent of acne and redness fighting Vbeam with sebum cintrolling and skin smoothening Exilis whose primary function is to clear up acneic skin, but it can also balance out overtly oily skins as well as extra-dry patches, so complexions has a smoother, sailing future.


240_F_116112896_2kxHMzIW8tUuBYZ9c0EqvIZhnJyOnPFfHack #2: SOS is an add-on but we love it because it does in 10 minutes what most facials cannot achieve in an hour. An ingenious infusion of niacinamide (vitamin B3) known for its multi-tasking anti-aging, anti-acne, and anti-redness benefits is delivered into the skin using sonophoresis (or sound wave) technology. This is usually done after a facial or laser to balance and tame wayward skin types.

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