Be a Natural Beauty. Here’s how.

Apparently, studies have shown that men prefer it if women wear less makeup. But is this actually true? It isn’t quite so easy to rock a barefaced look when your skin is anything less than perfect, so how do one rock the nude face look and win at the beauty game?

Here are some aesthetic tricks we have up our sleeves that will have you looking like you woke up with flawless skin.

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images-9 Fresh faced

Nothing is more distracting than clogged pores and erupting zits. Give your skin a headstart with a deep clinical detox such as Deep Deep Clean facials, known to clarify the most stubbornly acne-prone skins into submission. To keep more stubborn acne at bay, throw in a session of Vbeam Perfecta laser which keeps your complexion less balanced and acne-free for longer. Bonus: it does double duty keeping sebum and shine at bay as well.

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images-9 Matte faced

Nobody likes an oil slick. Keep excess sebum at bay with clarifying face peels. AHA are blends of fruit acids that help speed up cell turnover and prevent dead cells from accumulating on the surface of the skin, clogging up pores and building unnecessary shine. Those with sensitive skin can also indulge in this treat by choosing milder lactic acid versions called Milk Peels, which also does the trick but is specially formulated to be ultra gentle and soothing.

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images-9 Baby faced

Attain soft, supple babylicious skin by giving it enough dermal water to replenish and glow. Baby Drop Fillers are natural dermal fillers that are customized to target lackluster areas of your complexion to hydrate dry areas, erase fine lines and boost elasticity. Delivered through microinjections, this mini-procedure is smaller than a normal dermal filler treatment and allows you to slowly improve your complexion through baby steps with no downtime and pain.

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images-9 Bright Eyed

Brighten dark eye circles not with copious amounts of concealer but with Revitalift Eye. This special skinbooster treatment is delivered through only one to two microinjections to immediately erase dark eye circles and minimize fine lines of the peri-orbital area. One small step for dark eye circles, one big change for the entire face.

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images-9 Smooth Faced

Finally, to add the finishing touches onto your new barefaced beauty look, ensure your complexion is as photo-finish smooth as possible. Don’t let pores, scars and other skin surface blemishes get in your way, resurface them gently and safely using Lustrous Skin Program, this targeted complexion renewal treatment uses FDA approved fractionated Fraxel Light lasers to encourage new skin formation, replacing your damaged layers, resulting in a more refined complexion.

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love-black Bare Faced Makeup love-black

Some makeup tips for that barefaced look. Those people who say barefaced beauty is about showing the world your face in its full natural glory don’t know what they are talking about. Neither do they really understand men. We advise the following makeup routine for your barefaced look:

  • Mix a dollop of your foundation with some sunscreen like an oil-free skin friendly formula such as Umbrella from SW1. Voila! You now have yourself a tinted moisturizer with SPF. Barefaced doesn’t mean no SPF protection. Spread this evenly over entire face.
  • Conceal with a concealer that is as close to your skin tone as possible, NOT one shade lighter. Lightly dab on concealer on your undereye or any blemishes that may have peeked through. Let it set.
  • Use a lip and cheek stain that is water-based and close to a natural blush shade. We love Benetint. Slick it on your lips and cheeks. Blend in well.

You are now a natural beauty!

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