5 Step Strategy to Flawless Skin

Unknown-8 SMOOTHER

The first step to flawless skin is to ensure your complexion is as smooth as possible. This means to get rid of any uneven surfaces such as scars and open pores that stand in the way between you and great skin.

Strategy: SmartX lasers uses the gold standard carbon dioxide laser in a fractionated manner to resurface and renew skin to such a depth that even stubborn acne scars are smoothened out. Leaves skin with a fresh, flawless finish.

Downtime: 3-5 days.              Price: $$$                    Discomfort: 3/10

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Unknown-8 FIRMER

Skin with bounce will always triumph over saggy skins. Not only do they look more youthful, they reflect light and makeup better. Alas, loss of skin elasticity is one of the bane of a women’s life, with some experiencing loss of skin firmness faster than the other. Starting skin firming treatments early is the key to maintaining suppleness and skin tone in your face.

Strategy: Light Lift laser uses Excel V long pulsed 1064 nm laser (which is different from Q-switched ND:YAG) that targets collagen fibres beneath the skin to proliferate, enhancing overall skin firmness.

Downtime: nil                         Price: $$                      Discomfort: 5/10


Unknown-8 WHITER

Like it or not, studies have shown that fair skin is associated with youth and beauty more frequently than tanned skins. Beyond sun protection and skin lightening agents, it is prudent to fortify your skin with high level antioxidants to give it the optimal cellular health.

Strategy: Plasma C Boost* is an ingenious add-on therapy that uses sonophoresis (sound waves) to ‘push in’ vitamin cocktails such as vitamin C to brighten and rejuvenate the skin. As this enhances skin penetration by over a hundred fold, the infusion of vitamin C is not only instantly brightening and whitening, it also boosts skin health and immunity.

Downtime: nil                         Price: $                        Discomfort: 0/10

*Only available as an add-on therapy after a facial or laser.

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Unknown-8 CLEARER

Just when you thought you have outgrown your pubescent years, when you experience the onset of adult acne. Equally scarring both physically and emotionally, pimples and comedones downgrade any complexion instantly. If you are a picker, you may make matters worse by leaving a trail of scars in its wake.

Strategy: Clarity Program is a no-medication, no-laser therapy using only genuine LED photobiomodulation lights and clinical grade ultrasonic deep cleansing treatments to tame acne outbreaks and deep cleanse clogged skins. Alternating between LED red and I-Clear blue light therapy ensures sygnergistic skin benefits— acne control, improved healing, enhanced glow.

Downtime: nil                         Price: $                        Discomfort: 0/10

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Unknown-8 SOFTER

Baby soft skin is not just something you can feel but visually appreciate. Soft skin has bounce and suppleness that gives complexions an irresistibly youthful feel. Soft complexions are also poreless and refined and has a dewy glow, reminiscent of young skin.

Strategy: Baby Drop Fillers is a customized micro-filler technique to enhance lackluster areas of your face that has lost volume with age. It is designed to be delivered via designer micro needles that gives less downtime. As the change is more subtle, there is less risk of the pillow face effect or a dramatic change which is not everyone’s cup of tea. Those who like the improvements brought about by Baby Drop Fillers can continue for a few sessions to achieve their ideal baby look of their dreams or stop after one session with the small pick-me-up effect it delivers.

Downtime: nil                                     Price: $$$                    Discomfort: 4/10

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