3 Times Doctors Got It Wrong

9679920-mythos-stempel  Never eat chicken skin.

fact-red-stamp-text-white-42333963  Chicken skin contains healthy unsaturated fat

The next time you cook or eat a piece of chicken, be sure to leave some of the skin on. For years, nutritionists and heart doctors have advised us to remove this fattening part of the bird before enjoying it, but as it turns out, chicken skin really isn’t as bad as was originally believed.

In addition to making cooked chicken juicier and more flavourful, chicken skin contains a good amount of heart healthy unsaturated fat. In fact, the majority of fat in chicken skin is unsaturated, according to the Harvard School of Public Health. Consumption of unsaturated fat is believed to be associated with lowered bad cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

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However, there is no mistaking that chicken skin is fattening, so, whether or not you are watching your weight, you should not eat too much of it. It’s fine to leave the skin on that broiled or poached chicken breast, because there is very little difference between a 340-gram skin-on piece and a skinless one when it comes to fat content and calories – about 2.5 grams of saturated fat and 50 calories, to be exact.

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“I was told by my doctor that a RF facial is the same as the Thermage … but the truth is in the pudding. After 5 sessions of RF facials, I did not see the difference I saw from 1 session of Thermage”



9679920-mythos-stempel All Lasers are the same

fact-red-stamp-text-white-42333963 No two lasers are the same

Despite what some unscrupulous doctors may have you believe, no two lasers are the same. Even if the tout the same wavelength or the same type of technology (eg ultrasound or radiofrequency etc). There is a complex mechanism that goes behind every single laser; just like any high-tech equipment, quality matters. This is why a Ferrari will outrun a Proton Saga every time, even though both are essentially cars. “I was told by my doctor that the RF facial is the same as the Thermage as both are radiofrequency devices, but the truth is in the pudding. After 5 sessions of RF facials, I did not see the difference I saw from 1 session of Thermage” explained Sarah, a travel blogger in Singapore.

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But the lure of lower prices is always attractive, and the lack in results is often explained away by the doctor persuading his or her patients to do more sessions to gain the same effect as the original laser. However that principle isn’t sound! Not all effects of lasers are additive in that way, when a laser system is under-powered and does not effect the same type of cellular changes in one session, it doesn’t matter if you repeat the same treatment one time or one hundred times. This is akin to taking the wrong medicine 100 times and hoping that it will work!

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9679920-mythos-stempel Statins cause side effects.

fact-red-stamp-text-white-42333963 Statins are actually safe to use

Heart pills taken by millions of Britons every day have been confirmed as safe after scare stories about their dangers were publicly retracted. In an embarrassing climbdown, researchers have withdrawn their statements about the harmful side effects of statins. They accept that their research, published in the respected British Medical Journal, which claimed the drugs caused higher rates of ­diabetes, tiredness and muscle pain, was incorrect.


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