5 Worst Beauty Disasters. Solved!

Who doesn’t love the latest beauty treat? New beauty trends can make or break a look. But sometimes sketchy regimens and bootleg treatments can be seriously risky. From major issues such as burns and swellings to minor irritations, beauty disasters can create major distress. Still, there’s no use crying over spilt milk, so we have come up with nifty remedies to solve the top 5 major disasters we hope you’ll never face.


Bad laser burns can cause PIH

“I knew something was wrong as soon as he (the doctor) zapped my face, it stung terribly and I almost jumped out of the bed!” Donna, 22 year old student recounting her experience with IPL freckle removal with a male GP.

JhHYHXqcwTXuOKlSZeUzFLRV7wW4vAqwBlk4tsUw3qf3qtWfo4WEeyzvNhMlSNXJdS0 A calming cream that can reduce inflammation and redness is key to a speedy recovery. DIY remedies include calamine cream or lotion. “My personal favourite Calming Balm from The Sloane Clinic as it always works wonders for all sorts of redness instantly” says Donna. Calming Balm, specially formulated with ultra-gentle ingredients to soothe irritations, burns and allergies of facial skin is only available from The Sloane Clinic. “I used it twice a day immediately after my IPL disaster and it alleviated the burns and the redness rapidly” explains Donna. In the meantime, avoid the sun like the plague to prevent post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, she further advises. Some cases of laser burns do unfortunately leave PIH (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation) which requires further treatment. Dr Kenneth Lee from The Sloane Clinic who sees at least 2-3 such patients a month recommends either gentle lasers such as fraxel light or a series of gentle chemical peels to get rid of the marks asap!

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Lash extensions can lead to irritation to the lash root and permanent loss of eyelashes.

“My eyelids felt itchy and swollen on the second day after I had fake lashes stuck on. By the third day, my eyelashes had all but fallen out!” Steph explained her ordeal after eyelash extensions at a local salon.

JhHYHXqcwTXuOKlSZeUzFLRV7wW4vAqwBlk4tsUw3qf3qtWfo4WEeyzvNhMlSNXJdS0 The glue of eyelash extensions is very prone to causing dermatitis and inflammation of the delicate skin of the upper eyelid. Unfortunately, like a bad marriage, once you have had lash extensions, they are likely to hang around for some time. Dont try to yank the extensions out yourself or you will end up looking like a bald eagle. Getting the lashes removed professionally is your best option; do it early so that they do not cause further irritation to your lid and lash and you may rescue some of your remaining eyelashes from falling out. Chronic irritation of the lashes is a surefire way to guarantee their extinction. Cold compresses and healing antibacterial ointment to the eyelid area can clear up any residual infection and reduce irritation.

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Popular lifestyle vlogger/French YouTuber Marie Lopez, or EnjoyPhoenix, shared a DIY face mask recipe with her millions of viewers, recommending a mixture of kitchen items like bananas, chocolate, and cinnamon. Sounds yummy? But it turns out cinnamon can be toxic when applied directly onto the skin. Comments began pouring in, complaining that the mask made their skin burn when viewers tried it at home.

JhHYHXqcwTXuOKlSZeUzFLRV7wW4vAqwBlk4tsUw3qf3qtWfo4WEeyzvNhMlSNXJdS0 Before you try on any type of new beauty product it’s a good idea to test out on a small patch of skin first such as your forearm. Antihistamines, mild steroid creams and cold compresses can help alleviate some of the redness and allergic reaction. If you wish to avoid using steroids on your skin, consider using Emergency balm. It uses an antihistamine based cream in an oatmeal cream base to quickly relieve itch and redness without the use of steroids. However in this case, prevention is better than cure. Be careful when you follow online beauty tutorials; natural ingredients have the capacity to cause severe reactions as well (think of the natural plant poison ivy). Don’t assume they are safe just because they are natural.

Emergency Balm clears redness and irritations

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Hair extensions seem like a dream come true. One moment you have a bob, the next you have locks down to your waist. Too good to be true? When hair extensions are added to the root of your hair, the weight of the extensions tug at the hair roots. This chronic stress can take their toll, leading to premature hair loss. Lest you think mere mortals like yourself are the only ones facing this issue, even celebrities with a penchant for long extensions are not spared.

Nicole Richie’s hair extensions caused visible hair loss

JhHYHXqcwTXuOKlSZeUzFLRV7wW4vAqwBlk4tsUw3qf3qtWfo4WEeyzvNhMlSNXJdS0 If extensions are a must, then limit their length to no longer than just below your shoulder. The longer your extensions, the greater the weight and stress they put on your hair roots. Give your hair a rest between extensions, so that your natural hair can rest and recuperate. Finally, treat and strengthen your hair root by rejuvenating your scalp (not hair which is dead keratin) with Revage 670, a special laser light to help hair grow fuller and thicker.

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Pillow faces result from the overfilling of the face using fillers.


This is one aesthetic disaster you want to avoid. While dermal fillers are useful tools to plump up facial lines and give your face a boost in youthful volume, a judicious hand is necessary. There can be too much of a good thing when it comes to dermal fillers. Overfilling can lead to a puffy looking face, and / or ‘duck lips’. “Choosing a doctor who understands your needs is key when it comes to facial fillers” advises Khristine, who has been going for cheek fillers for the past few years. “Less is more, and you want a doctor who is not going to push you into doing things you don’t want or need”.

JhHYHXqcwTXuOKlSZeUzFLRV7wW4vAqwBlk4tsUw3qf3qtWfo4WEeyzvNhMlSNXJdS0 “If you have used hyaluronic acid fillers, you can easily dissolve them away using hyaluronidase, an enzyme that breaks down the fillers safely and effectively” says Dr Kenneth Lee, from The Sloane Clinic. Unfortunately, this does not work for semi-permanent fillers or fillers that are derived from other materials such as silicone or calcium.

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